Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How do I lose fat without losing lean mass and still gain strength?

There is often some confusion about lean mass. Most people look to lean mass religiously as muscle mass, which it is not. It is everything that is not fat, and this includes water and other items. Fat cells are composed of some water, so if you lose a large amount of fat, you will lose lean mass - but not muscle, as most would think, simply water weight.

I'm sure all of you are focused on muscle mass. Provided you stimulate the muscles through resistance training and don't lose weight too quickly, you can retain or even gain muscle tissue. The issue comes when people are impatient and want to lose at some marathon pace ... your body can only process so much fat per week, so when you push the limit beyond about 1 - 2 percent of your weight each week, you risk losing muscle mass in the process.

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