Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Great THF Testimonial

Name: Candy Olsen
City and State: Nephi, UT
Consultants Name: Daniel Olsen

My weight loss struggles have been typical, it seems, gradually worsening over the years. I gained weight with each baby (six of them) and typically took about one year to lose the weight. After my fifth, though, I was not able to lose the last ten pounds. When my youngest was about six years old (around 1988), I was about 20 pounds overweight and succeeded in losing that by participation in a local Weight Watchers group. Over the next ten years, I gradually gained weight and did not have the same success I'd previously had with Weight Watchers, probably because there was no local group available then. Finally, through some very extensive caloric restriction, tracking and both cardio and resistance workouts, I lost about 30 pounds and was at my desired weight. That, however, did not last as I gradually gained over the next ten or eleven years. I developed arthritis in my knees. My feet, which have always been problematic, became worse. I was unsuccessful at many exercise plans. I tried many tracking options, similar to what you see in Weight Watchers, but would wear down with just trying the time needed to figure it, measure and track. I would feel worse, rather than better, with most efforts. I just couldn't keep it up. I gained about 70 pounds and felt really down. I'd begun to feel that this was just part of aging process for me and that I would not feel well again.

My friend, Elizabeth, recommended this program to me. She is having great success. I couldn't resist a free consultation. Having been through a lot of discouraging disappointments with my health and my food intake, I just wasn't sure I could succeed in any program, but Daniel Olsen assured me that he could design a plan that I could follow; that he would work to help me discover a plan I could live with for life and would not have to yo-yo through weight loss and gain. He was so convincing that I really wanted to give it a try. Success is more the language I wanted to be talking. Once I saw what Daniel hoped to accomplish and how "reachable" the goal is, I was ready to go. Being able to have my consultations over the telephone is invaluable,both because I live too far away from the facility and because we are often unavailable for a set appointment time in a set place. I can adjust my schedule for the set time, but being in a set place just wouldn't work for me. Phone consultations makes it do-able!

I was unsure how I felt about the set nature of the menus, but I find that it's not difficult to vary things, even with the same basic foods. I like being a bit creative with what I have and find that having set menus really eases the shopping situation and makes planning easy. I like how easy it is to follow the cardio and resistance plans—how well they are diagramed so I can be sure I am doing them right. I like how challenging he keeps the workouts, yet how possible they are to do. I like how Daniel takes time to explain how this works, why we do it the way we do, and where we are going from here. I like being accountable, each and every week, for my behavior. It takes procrastination off the radar.

Daniel is right on time with his consultation phone calls. He's readily available, by e-mail or telephone, for assistance. He's positive and really seems to be happy with my progress. He is knowledgeable, willing to work with my crazy schedule where adjustments to food intake and exercise plans enter in, and likes the challenge of meeting my needs. This program makes me feel healthier, stronger, more in control—and it only took a couple of days for my previous cravings and less healthy feelings began to subside! I was really surprised by that! Those are invaluable elements for me. I am very satisfied with my progress so far.

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