Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Local Blogger Taking the THF Challenge

A local blogger from Your Heart Out has been asked to take the Total Health & Fitness Challenge and post her progress each week on her blog. You can track her weekly results via here.

About Your Heart Out blog

Your Heart Out is a blog dedicated to shopping, dining, decorating, entertaining and traveling—generally living your heart out in Salt Lake City. Graphic designer/advertising director Maeve Knickerbocker and fashion/home-design writer Ali Anderson Smith bring you the latest and greatest from the local market with shopping tips, product reviews, store tours and whatever we find that’s just too good to keep to ourselves.

Your Heart Out snoops out hot new restaurants, where to see your new favorite band, the best place to find discount designer jeans, and sweet deals on spa treatments. But we also offer reminders of old SLC favorites like turkey club sandwiches at Emigration Market and short hikes to Lake Mary under a full moon. Look to us to find the best stuff available to big city appetites in a cool little city with a buzz of its own.

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